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  • To place films from 02/13/2015 XRD molds into oven to cure
  • To prepare a new batch of TiO2/epoxy and epoxy alone coatings
  • Thaw NaaBlue Cells
  • Grow cells

Growth of cells

  • NaaBlue Cells were taken from the -20 degrees Celsius freezer and thawed on ice for one hour
  • Used all sterile supplies, (round bottom tubes and pipets) and ethanol to sterilize our gloved hands
  • Open round bottom tube, open container of autoclaved broth and open plastic for pipet
  • Transfer 5ml of autoclaved broth without touching any of the containers
  • pipet should be not used more than once
  • Torch the top portion of the autoclaved broth container and quickly torch the inside of the autoclaved broth top
  • Close autoclaved broth container
  • Dip metal loop into ethanol and torch, allow to cool for 30 seconds
  • Open NaaBlue Cells
  • Dip burned loop into cells and then dip the loop into the 5ml of broth and stir
  • Torch the loop to kill off any bacteria
  • Close up NaaCells and sore in freezer
  • Solution should be cloudy with cells after 24 hours of incubation at room temperature.