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  • Cure films from last lab period into the ovens
  • Characterize swelling of epoxy films
  • Prepare new films for PXRD analysis
  • Autoclave broth solution

Measurement of swelling in epoxy film

  • The film made on February 4 was cut into pieces, weighed and measured for thickness, then placed in water until the next lab period

Swelling test epoxy.PNG

Proposed Protocol for the Antimicrobial Activity of the film

  • Grow the bacteria in broth in ambient temperature for two days/or till the solution becomes cloudy
  • Pipette the bacteria/broth solution onto the film in petri dish
  • Use a gauze patch to collect the solution from the film surface
  • Place the gauze patch in an autoclaved NaCl/KCl solution
  • Pipette solution onto a nutrient agar plate and spread over the surface
  • agar plates should be incubated lid down, at 37C for 24 hours before colonies are counted

LB Broth Media

  • measure 80 mL of water
  • add 2 g of LB Broth
  • autoclave and sterilize in 121C for 60 minutes, and leave for another hour until the pressure drops back to atmosphere pressure