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  • Synthesize HgS NCs
  • Analyze the UV-vis and Fluorescence Spectra

Solution Preparation

5 mM Mercurous Nitrate

  • Mass needed: 0.0701g
  • Mass measured: 0.0705g
  • Volume: 50mL volumetric
  • Final Molarity: 0.00502 M HgNO3

After vigorous stirring the HgNO3 would not dissolve in, and therefore HgCl2 would be substituted for this trial.

5mM Mercuric Chloride

  • Mass needed: 0.0679g
  • Mass measured:0.0670g
  • Volume: 50mL volumetric
  • Final Molarity: 0.00494 M HgCl2

(15mg/mL) BSA

  • Mass needed: 0.75g
  • Mass measured: 0.751g
  • Volume: 50mL volumetric

Final Molarity: 15mg/mL

1M Sodium Hydroxide

  • Mass needed: 2g
  • Mass Measured:1.98g
  • Volume: 50mL volumetric
  • Final molarity 0.99 M NaOH


  1. In a round bottom flask 5mL of 5mM HgNO3 (for this time HgCl2)
  2. 5mL BSA solution in MQ water and stir
  3. Correct the pH to approximately 9 using 1M NaOH
  4. Allow solution to stir overnight (12-18 hours)
  5. Add 4mL of 20mM Na2S and stir for 15 minutes


  • The mercuric chloride with a 4+ charge vs Mercurous nitrate with a 2+ charge, could explain the poor results seen in both fluorescence and UV-vis spectra.