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The data from the previous day are revisited due to the low R2 in the graph. Accordingly, a new UV-Vis data is measured for the blank. However, the blank absorption turned out to be higher than the absorptions measured the previous day so no change in data is performed.
Using the gold AA/ICPMS standard solution, five new solutions were made.Using Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy under the supervision of Dr. Hartings, atomic absorption is measured.The five solutions are represented below.
25 ug/mL
20 ug/mL
15 ug/mL
10 ug/mL
5 ug/mL
The group data is below

The class pooled data is graphed below

If the graph is using a linear equation, it would be y = 0.0201x + 0.0016, R2 = 0.9862.


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