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Anders Andersson


I earned my PhD at the Department of Biotechnology, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in 2005. I worked with microarray analysis in Peter Nilsson's group and investigated archaeal (Sulfolobus) replication and transcription in collaboration with Rolf Bernander's (co-supervisor) archaea lab at Uppsala University.

After the PhD I did a one year postdoc in Lars Engstrand's group at the Institute for Infectious Disease Control (SMI) working with 454-based 16S sequencing of human intestinal microbiota. This was followed by a one year postdoc with Jillian Banfield at University of California, Berkeley, working with metagenomic analysis of natural microbial communities (biofilms in acid mine drainage).

In Stefans group I'm working on aquatic microbial communities, in lakes and in the Baltic Sea. My main project is aimed at obtaining a biogeographic map of Baltic Sea microbial life, using 454-based 16S sequencing. A second project deals with diurnal rhythms of lakes.



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