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Speed Of Light

Partner: Alex Andrego



Before we begin, some points of safety must be noted:

  1. First and foremost your safety comes first and then the equipments'
  2. Check the cords, cables, and machinery in use for any damage or possible electrocution points on fuses of machinery by making sure the power cords' protective grounding conductor must be connected to ground
  3. Be careful when handling the photomultiplier tube (PMT) (it can be ruined in ambient light when at operating voltages)
  4. Be careful when handling the Harrison Laboratories 6207A Power Supply when the capacitor plates are fully charged, even when unplugged wait for it to discharge for it may be a source of electrical shock
  5. Make sure the areas containing and around the experiment are clear of obstacles


The Ratio e/m for Electrons

Brief Description of e/m ratio

Setup & Procedure

Note: Alex and I used the same set up and procedure. This is a direct copy of it. [1]

Data, Tables, & Analysis


Notes About Uncertainty

Systematic Error:

Other Error:

Speed Of Light Lab Summary

This is the link to my Balmer Series Lab Summary: The Ratio e/m for Electrons Lab Summary


Please note that Alexandra S. Andrego was my lab partner for this lab. Her version of this lab can be found here

Prof. Gold's Lab Manual served as a loose guideline for our lab procedure and our calibration wave lengths