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Contact Information

Alyssa N. Weisblatt


  • Major: Biology
  • Expected Graduation Year: May 2020
  • Upper Division Courses Taken:
    • Principles of Ecology
    • General Physics I & II
    • Cell Biology Lab
    • Plant Interactions
    • Molecular Biology of the Genome

Career Interests and Goals

I would like to work in a clinical lab and run tests related to microbiology and genetics to identify the ailments.

Research Experience

I conducted research on hummingbirds freshman year with CURes and created and presented a poster at the Undergraduate Research Symposium.

Work Experience

Trevino's Compulsory Gymnastics Coach

  • Employer: Richard Trevino
  • Dates: May 2016-August 2016
  • Responsibilities:
    1. Spotting the athletes to ensure their safety and correct form when learning skills
    2. Giving verbal corrections to their form
    3. Organizing athletes into a cohesive team
    4. Identifying trouble points and creating a plan to work through them
    5. Confirm that the athletes have met their requirements

Lion Express Dispatcher

  • Employer: Patrick Gibson
  • Dates: August 2016-May 2019
  • Responsibilities:
    1. Connecting passengers to drivers and relaying their desired route
    2. Resolving confusion between passengers and drivers
    3. Conflict management when passengers were displeased
    4. Organized notations so they are easy to read and to avoid confusion during shift changes

Broadway Recreational Gymnastics Coach

  • Employer: Kristin Walters
  • Dates: February 2017-Current
  • Responsibilities:
    1. Teaching children of all ages with varying ranges of experience gymnastics
    2. Ensuring safety and correct progressions
    3. Encouraging the children to push through difficult tasks and see how they benefit
    4. Making difficult and scary tasks enjoyable
    5. Creating an environment in which the children can bond with one another and develop socially

Personal Interests and Why I Chose My Major


In my free time, I enjoy reading, watching TV or movies or playing games with my close friends, and occasionally going out and doing something adventurous.

Favorite Aspect About Biology

I enjoy learning how the world around me works and am fascinated by how everything is so diverse and complex. It makes me wonder how all the pieces came together to create life.

Favorite Aspect About Mathematics

Math can be extremely difficult, but there is always an answer. It can be approached many ways and may take some double checking to identify what went wrong, but it is procedural and cannot give deceptive answers.

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