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  • Take absorbance and fluorescence spectra of thiol DNA/ThT/AuNP solutions
  • If signals are still exhibited, run 2% agarose gel on concentrated sample as well as supernatants
  • Synthesize AuNP


Synthesizing AuNP

1) Stir and heat to boiling 20mL of 1mM HAuCl4

2) Add 2mL 1% sodium citrate

3) Observe a purple to red color change

4) Determine size and concentration of AuNP using UV-Vis


Fluorescence Spec Pic.png


Some fluorescence was seen in the thiol DNA/ThT/AuNP sample as shown in the spectrum above. Because it is such a small amount of fluorescence, we are interested in trying this procedure at one magnitude in concentration higher than previously used (of all components). Gold nanoparticles specifically will need to be re-synthesized at a higher concentration.