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Tasks for March 25

  • To carry out thin layer chromatography

Thin Layer Chromatography

  • A reverse fluorescent TLC plate was spotted with pure aniline and the dried solid filtrate 2 from 18/03 redissolved in methanol. Methanol was also used as the solvent for the TLC plate. Examination of the TLC plate under UV light revealed no aniline present in the Filtrate 2 sample. Some oligomers (suspected polyaniline) may be present but no aniline band was seen.

Qualitatively, it can be concluded that the polymerization of aniline using gold citrate nanoparticles leads to full conversion of aniline, whether into polyaniline or oligomers would have to determined using HPLC or some similar quantitative method.

  • The filtrates obtained on 18/03 were analyzed using TLC in a similar fashion as described above. These filtrates are the reaction products of the polymerization of aniline using gold-lysozyme nanoparticles as catalysts. Similarly to the reaction using gold citrate NPs no aniline band was observed in the TLC plates, suggesting that there is full conversion to polyaniline or oligomers.