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Tasks for March 24

  • To test filtrates from aniline polymerization reactions

Preliminary testing

A reverse TLC plate was spotted with concentrated aniline (99+ %), which was allowed to evaporate over the weekend, and the liquid filtrate after washing with water. The solvent used was methanol. It was found that aniline does not fluoresce despite its benzene ring. The methanol may contain some impurities since it fluoresced weakly

Thin Layer Chromatography

A self fluorescing reverse TLC plate was used with methanol. Pure concentrated aniline and the filtrate washed with water from the reaction carried out on 18 March were spotted in the TLC plate. Based on what was seen under UV light, there was no aniline in the filtrate. The filtrate separated into two distinct bands. It is then possible that the discrete band seen in the TLC plate is a small quantity of polyaniline or oligomer dissolved in water.