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Alexander (Sasha) Wait Zaranek
Alexander (Sasha) Wait Zaranek

a.k.a. Sasha - awaitz @


  • PhD Biophysics, Harvard (2009)
  • BSc Computer Science, University of Toronto (1998)

Short Biography

I have been director of informatics at the Harvard Personal Genome Project since 2005. The PGP is the only project worldwide that provides "open-access" to well integrated human tissue and other samples, genetic data and phenotype data. We were one of the first users of CC0.

My current research focus is the development of Arvados -- an open-source platform for data-management, analysis and sharing of large biomedical data sets spanning millions of individual humans across numerous organizations and eventually encompassing exabytes of data. As an example of an Arvados application, along with my colleagues at the PGP, I've launched an open, genome interpretation system, GET-Evidence and the study management system Tapestry.

As a biophysics student at Harvard, I received my introduction to molecular biology in Jack Szostak's lab and learned computational biology with George Church. I was a teaching fellow for classes on synthetic biology and personal genomics and, more recently, I've continued to teach in these areas as a guest lecturer for HST508 and Biophysics 101.

The commitment to openness has also led to my longtime collaboration on the Polonator which is the only open-innovation instrument platform for DNA sequencing. The Polonator, and related technologies, is part of the revolution that reduced human DNA sequencing costs by a million-fold since the completion of the Human Genome Project. More recently it has also served as a platform for synthetic chemistry and cell biology in the same open device.

Currently I am the Chief Scientist and a cofounder of Curoverse, a venture-backed company focused on the global delivery, development and support of the Arvados open-source platform. In a past-life I was a contractor for a telecom equipment supplier. My team's software translated electronics design data into instructions for a medium volume, high-mix electronics factory. I am a contributor to the IPC-2511 (GenCAM) standard. That experience helped shape my thinking on open biological factories.

My professional interests include: precision medicine, exascale computing, and free knowledge business models. When I can, I still enjoy tinkering with quantum lifeforms and synthetic biology.


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