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  • Procedure was followed as dictated by Professor Hartings HERE.
  • In the above link, today only the UV-Vis section was completed. This included the remainder of the HRP-Linked AuNP's that were able to be imaged last week, as well as, all of the HRP and Myoglobin Linked AuNP synthesized last thursday.


  • 1 ml of each sample of AuNP's were taken and were centrifuged for 30 minutes at max speed.
  • Afterward, the supernatant was carefully removed and placed in another labeled tube trying not to disturb the pellet.
  • Each sample was then imaged using UV-Vis from 200-800 nm.
  • The pellet was saved if any existed.


  • The two graphs below represent the UV-Vis spectra of HRP-Linked AuNP's. The graph on the left includes the HRP-AuNP-s that could not be run last thursday due to time, and the graph on the right shows all of the samples that were synthesized last thursday. The samples aren't shown on the same graph because they were synthesized on different days. In addition, these samples aren't shown with the UV-Vis taken last thursday because a different cuvette was used to run these samples. (The cuvette used previously was missing).
  • The graph on the right was to be predicted because all of the samples visually looked clear, which explains why the spectra are overlapping.

Oct 29 Spectra pic 2.png

Oct 29 set 1 blown up.png

  • This graph shows all of the Myoglobin-Linked AuNP's that were synthesized last thursday. These spectra show three separate trends. The first being that the majority of the samples were clear and created the peaks shown on the left of the graph. However, as the ratio decreased the large peak on the left got smaller and smaller until it disappeared, creating three intermediate samples that showed an odd behavior. Finally, only one samples had a purple/red color after being centrifuged and it was the sample with the smallest ratio.This sample created the only peak seen on the right side of the graph.

Oct 29 Spectra pic 1.png

Oct 29 Set 2 blown up.png