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  • Complete the procedure outlined by Dr.Hartings, here<br.>
  • Determine the percent oxidized and reduced for a array of different reactions involving HRP.<br.>
  • Plot Percent oxidized vs. Cell Potential for the set of reactions.<br.>


  • The procedure was followed as shown in the link above. <br.>
  • Note that all measurements were made using a micropipette and the software listed in the link above. <br.>
  • The table below represents the various setups that were used in this lab in various stages of reduction.<br.>
  • In order to compare different runs data was normalized for concentration and in order to zero out background noise. <br.>

Sept 18.png

  • Please note the concentration of sodium dithionite was .146M
  • Please note the sample with 74 ul of sodium dithionite was taken from Moira's group.<br.>
  • In all of the samples 1ml of HRP was used.


  • The graph represented below conveys the oxidation and reduction spectra for HRP using sodium dithionite.
  • Note that the orange line represents the sample taken from Moira's group.

Screen shot 2013-09-28 at 10.49.32 PM.png<br.>

  • Note the peaks on the left reflect the oxidized HRP and the peaks on the right represent the reduced HRP.
  • Based off of the graph above the percent oxidation and reduction for each sample is listed below. Due to error in concentration calculations the percent oxidized and reduced for each sample do not always add to equal 100%<br.>
  • The graph below shows the percent oxidized shown in blue and percent reduced shown in red in relation to their respective voltages. Note that the data is supposed to represent a titration curve like function; however, our data is missing points in the the middle of the curve.

Screen shot 2013-10-08 at 11.47.07 AM.png