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Given new parts to set up the tubing in the experiment (mostly junctions) - need to recreate the experiment using these new junctions.


  • syringe connector: female lure thread style to 200 series bard, 1/16" (1.6 mm) ID tubing
  • tube connectors: t-connectors 1/16" ID
  • tube connectors for PVA/gulteraldehye mixing: y-connector 1/16" ID
  • tubing for everything: tygon IN 1/16"
  • Rates were 0.05mL/ min for the PVA/ gluteraldehyde and 0.1 mL/min for the ethyl acetate


  • PVA is pumping too slow which is causing clogs to form in the tubing - increased this rate to 0.1 mL/ min
  • PVA diluted by doubling the volume with 10% HCl
  • Moved ethylacetate into 60 mL syringe and changed rate to 5 mL/min
  • final flow rates:
    • 0.09 mL/ min for PVA
    • 3 mL/ min for ethyl acetate