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Set up the experiment to start creating clay polymer beads.


  1. The first step was connecting the syringes to the pumps (had to find the second pump first). This was done to ensure that three different rate are done with the syringes. The first two are on the first pump and are caused by the different radii on the syringes. The second pump then pushes at a different rate compared to the first in order to makes sure that all reactants are used in the correct ratios.
  2. After this, the correct length for the 1/32" tubing was needed in order to ensure that the reaction spent 5 minutes within this tubing to ensure that it goes to completion.
    1. This calculation was determined using a rate of 0.05mL/min * 5 min = a volume of .25mL needed within the tubing. The radius of the tubing is 1/64" ~ 0.04 cm so the area of the base is ~ 0.016(pi) cm^2. The length then needed for a total volume within this tube is .25/0.016(pi) ~ 50 cm long.
  3. Problems were encountered when trying to push solvent through the tiny needle tips attached to the syringes. It was determined that the needle tips would not be able to handle the high pressure of the solvent flow, and the original strategy of cutting a hole in the teflon tubing to place the peak tubing in would have to be used.


If there is a change in the flow rate then the length for the teflon tubing will have to change accordingly.