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Setup all the parts for the experiment needed to create the clay polymer beads.


  1. The main goal today was to try and a cut a 1/32" tube so that a smaller tube can be placed inside without impeding flow.
  2. The original strategy was whittling the smaller tube to a sharp point and then poking a hole in the 1/32" tube.
    • This was ineffectual because the holes which we made were too large and would leak.
  1. At the end, the final two successful methods used in order to create a waterproof connection were:
    1. Cutting parallel to the 1/32" tubing, and whittling the smaller tubing to help make it fit inside easier.
    2. Sticking a paperclip into the 1/32" tubing, we cut perpendicular to the tubing as before but the paperclip now stops the knife from cutting too deeply so that the smaller tube can be placed inside without any leaks forming.