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  • synthesis IRMOF's with adenine and guanine

Bench Work

  • need 500mg zinc nitrate hexahydrate (MW 297.5 g/mol), 154.3 mg Terephthalic acid (MW 166.13 g/mol) and either 63.5 mg guanine (MW 151.13 g/mol) or 56.8 mg adenine (MW 155.13 g/mol)
  • weighed out each component into a vial.
    • for IRMOF with guanine: 506.8 mg Zn(NO3)2 6H2O, 160 mg Terephthalic acid, 67 mg guanine
    • for IRMOF with adenine: 523.0 mg Zn(NO3)2 6H2O, 155 mg Terephthalic acid, 57.8 mg adenine
  • added approx 6 mL DMY to each vial
  • sonicated to dissolve leaving IRMOF-G vial with a white, opaque solution and the IFMOR-A vial with a clear transparent solution.
  • at 4pm place at 90 °C in a oven.


  • N/A


  • at 6pm the IRMOF-A was solution was yellow; IRMOF-G has white material settled at the bottom that went into suspension after swirling the vial
  • at 8:30am on 2/6/2013 both solutions were yellow. IRMOF-A has white solid coating the bottom and walls of the vial; IRMOF-G had same white material that went back into suspension as in previous note.