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Bench Work

  • made a solution of 4, 4 bipyridine
    • 6 mg of 4, 4' bipyridine in 3 mL of DEF and 1 mL of ethanol
  • exchange the pillar from DPNI to 4, 4' bipyridine
    • 1:15 pm mixed 3 mL of hte above solution with 13 mg of PPF-18
    • 4:30 pm filtered and dried the crystals
  • see Eleni's notebook for 3 vials of reactants for synthesizing PPF-18
    • place the vials in the oven at 9am on 2/1/2013 to ehat for 24 hrs at 85 °C then cool to room temp over for 9 hrs.
  • react OD2A with zinc nitrate
    • see Matt's notebook for reactant amounts
    • heated for 2 hrs at 130 °C
    • let cool on bench top - some white crystals at hte bottom of hte vial
    • heated from 1-4:30pm at 130 °C
    • then turned off the oven and let it cool to room temp


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