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February Newsletter

Bernice is awesome and made a template, yayyy!

Topics to Possible put on the newsletter:

  1. Welcome
    • Hello both old and new 20ers and welcome to our first edition of our Newsletter. We have a lot of information to tell you about and a lot of events planned for you! Hopefully, by the end of this newsletter, you'll be as excited as we are about this upcoming semester. As usual, we are always looking for input on how to make things better both inside and outside course 20. Enjoy!
  2. How to get involved
    • We are always looking for more opinions, more ideas, and more energetic people and we strongly encourage you to get involved. From now on, we will be having meetings ___________________ in room ___________. There will be food and you are more than welcome to come to give your input, find out what we are doing, or pig out like the rest of us. We hope to see you there! Also, you can join our mailing list by e-mailing busybeboard@mit.edu. We'll add you to the list.
  3. Election dates/times/locations + descriptions of postings
    • The platforms are due Wednesday February 6th.
    • Voting start at our study break on Tuesday February 12th at 7:30pm. After this date, the voting box will be available in the BE office (Building 26, 4th Floor) until Friday February 15th.
    • Descriptions:
      • President -- faculty go-to person, runs the board and bi-weekly BE meetings
      • VP -- a little of everything, an outside contact person for non-board members
      • Secretary -- send out emails, take minutes, get rooms for meetings
      • Treasurer -- order food, budget events, handle t-shirts, money situations
  4. Candidates + Platforms
    • Blah blah blah
  5. Upcoming BE Events
    • ____________ -- First meeting of year
    • ____________ -- Formal Study Break
  6. Fun things we are thinking of doing (please edit)
    • Movie
    • Mixers
    • Dinners
    • And...?
  7. Meet the Faculty
    • Meet _______________ who is sooo awesome. He/She can juggle with no hands!
  8. Spotlight on Research: PI and/or UROP
    • Meet ___________ who is even cooler than the faculty member. He/She invented the internet!
  9. Mention our website
    • Minutes are posted
    • Agenda is posted for future meetings
    • Newsletters like this will be posted