Undergraduate BE Board:Minutes - 9/4/08 Minutes

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BE UG Board Meeting Minutes
September 4th 2008
Couches on 2nd Floor Student Center

  1. Welcome and Attendance
  2. Grad School/ Fellowship Info Session
    • Brian and Melody (Grad Students interested in doing the session)
    • When:Tuesday, Sept 16 7:30 pm (with dinner from cosi)
    • Where:56-614
    • Who:7 grad students, pick those who have applied for fellowships
    • What:ask grads to make a worksheet about fellowships, dates, etc
  3. ASA recognition
    • Posting the constitution to the wiki (Maryelise)
    • Who to contact (Dawn) and get date
  4. Calendar of Events/Bulletin Board
    • Where: in the lounge
  5. Tshirts for the fall
    • Do another real order
    • Bernice contact Emilliene
  6. Course 20 Underground Guide (Emzo)
    • set up manually the first time?
    • set up email link, mailing list
    • reply commenting on the classes you've taken
    • we promise to keep it anonymous
    • could have the option of anonymous
    • its okay to do classes not in the major
    • think about what questions we want to ask
  7. Associate Advising
    • replace those people we lost
    • tell AA's they can do a "take your adivsees to ice cream" event and be reimbursed
  8. Study Breaks
    • Lounge study break
  9. Lounge Suggestions/Requests
    • Finished, but no furniture yet
    • work on getting card access
    • To Add: whiteboards, hammock, fridge, coffee maker (with packets), water cooler, microwave, corkboard for others to put announcements, plates, plastic utencils
    • IS&T still needs to install computers
    • have a lounge warming party when its completed
  10. Tutoring
    • rules posted about tutoring
    • tutoring 8-10pm?
  11. Other?
    • Invite '11s to our events
    • Mid-october
      • BE Board Event with Codon
      • Emzo presents his summer project

Next Meeting: Wed. Sept 10, 10pm