Undergraduate BE Board:Minutes - 9/10/08 Minutes

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BE UG Board Meeting Minutes
September 10th 2008
Couches on 2nd Floor Student Center

Attendance: Emzo, Dawn, Bernice, Maryelise, Marta, Joseph

  1. Welcome and Attendance
  2. Grad School/ Fellowship Info Session
    • Sept 16, 7:30pm, 56-614
    • Food: Cosi for 30 people
  3. ASA recognition
    • Apply for full ASA recognized
    • Constitution finished, posted to the wiki
    • Dawn talk to office?
  4. Tshirts for the fall
    • A bunch of survey monkeys
    • Fitted shirt (get a longer version)
    • Timeline: have a t-shirt study break in early Nov.
    • Offer to '12s, grad students
  5. Course 20 Underground Guide
    • Confirmed access for course 20, but not other departments yet
    • Think of questions on the wiki, a few questions and room for comments
  6. Associate Advising
  7. Royal East Dinners
    • Nov 5, Nov 6
  8. Study Breaks
    • T-shirt: November
    • Lounge: October 2nd
    • Pre-finals
  9. Exploring the Majors Fair
    • October 20, 3:30-5p Kresge Lobby
    • need 2-3 volunteers
    • if we want to put together a slideshow, let BE know
  10. UG Lounge (Basement of Building 56)
    • open on Monday, Sept 16
    • no card access yet
    • What we want: whiteboards in office and computer room, BEUB Bulletin Board, hammock, TV, coffee maker
  11. Grad Board Meeting
    • Sept 17, 12-1pm