Undergraduate BE Board:Minutes - 4/23/08 Minutes

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Minutes BE UG Board Meeting
April 23rd 2008
CoffeeHouse (3rd Floor Student Center)

Attendance: Emilienne, Renuka, Maryelise, Marta, Sonal, Dawn, Emzo, Bernice

Next Meeting: Monday, April 28th, 10pm, Coffee House

  1. Welcome and Attendance
  2. Associate Advising
    • Luncheon moved to May 4th
    • At Royal East
      • Cathy will take care of reservations
    • Who will email out for reservations?
      • Dawn for RSVP email
      • stress talking about registering for classes
  3. ASA - Mike/Bernice
    • We need to start over - Dawn
  4. Tshirts
    • Current shirts - Bernice
      • There are about 20 extra shirts, Bernice will email out about them
      • Cathy still has money, double check about cashing checks
      • Try just putting it on cafe press instead of new order
      • Figure out the legal issues - Renuka
      • Green turtles, blue whales only?
    • Selling new shirts - Emilienne/Renuka
      • Put onto public website--Renuka Cafe Press Logistics
      • Second round of MIT orders if not on cafe press
  5. Grad Student info for Undergrads Study Break - Dawn
    • Tuesday, May 13th
    • Invite seniors who are going to grad school
    • Which Grad students will talk to us
      • Dawn email Scott
    • Ensure no professors talk, just grad students
  6. TA Awards - Marta
    • Drew Endy
    • no update at this point
    • Set up a survey monkey
  7. Course 20 Survival Course Critiques - Emzo, Mike
    • Course 6 said they'd give us their code
    • We need to meet with them and our advisors to plan things out
      • Monday afternoon? 3:00 and after
    • Sub-committee for this project: Emzo
  8. BE Bulletin Board - Dawn/Emzo
    • CPW poster fits in space
    • Add calendar
      • Luncheon, BBQ, etc
  9. Senior Dinner - Bernice
    • Museum of Science
    • Still all set, dept. taking care of contacting seniors
  10. BE BBQ
    • TA Awards
    • Senior Goofy Awards
      • Mike and Sasha head up survey monkey


  • ASA
  • Cafe Press Logistics
  • Study Break
  • Course 20 Survival Course Critiques
  • TA Awards?