Undergraduate BE Board:Minutes - 4/21/11 Minutes

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BE UG Board Meeting
BE Loungs


  1. Didn't like about FPOP last year
    • Long Lectures
    • Scavenger Hunt in Boston
    • Red Sox game not worth it -- raining
  2. Liked about FPOP last year
    • Free Food
    • Museum of Science
    • Boston Scavenger Hunt
    • MIT Campus Scavenger Hunt -- important to orient people to the campus
    • Counselors!
  3. Possible Lecturers -- 5 or 6 Lecturers (around 1 a day)
    • Manalis -- talk about careers again
    • Hamad-Schifferli
    • Lauffenberger
    • Grozinsky
    • Ed Boyden
    • Mucus/Cartilage Lady
    • Cancer-Stem Cell Lady
    • Cap lectures at an hour (2 max)
  4. Lectures and Lab Tours Separately -- don't overburden anyone
    • Lab tours more hands on this year -- need to get safety certified
    • Herr -- in Media Lab, BioMed research -- good at giving tours/do it all the time
  5. Lab Activities
    • Hands-on lab spread over 2 days would be sufficient -- with Nathalie?
    • A not wet-work based lab
  6. Industry Tours
    • plants?? Greenhouse tour -- Novartis has one?? something different
    • Gingko -- small scale success story
    • Amgen
    • visited mass-spec place last year (long bus ride and pretty boring)
  7. Nice to compare lab versus industry
  8. Five hours of academically focused events instead of eight hours
  9. Budget
    • Around three thousand dollars last year -- will be similar this year
    • Large amount of students declared BE after FPOP -- good use of money!
  10. Must fill in head of the department about how the FPOP went
  11. Don't know if we'll be getting an increase in the number of students allowed to participate -- last year's amount (16) was a good number
  12. Still want to do breakfast?
    • relatively cheep compared to other meals
    • was nice last year
    • conclusion: do again
  13. Made students arrive really early last year -- make them arrive at 9:00am instead of 8:00am
  14. Fun things we could do
    • bonding events after academic portion
    • Sports event
    • Go out to dinner (good to have a big dinner on the last day -- maybe a BBQ if weather permits, reserve Kresge pits)
    • play soccer/frisbee/volleyball (beach volleyball court/sand at EC)
    • Luau

Inter-Grade Mixer/Networking Event

  1. Not April 29, May 6 instead from 4:00-5:00
    • 20.109 lab is that day from 12:00-5:00 -- can we extend the event past 5:00?
  2. FPOP Counselors have to go!
  3. Should be a nice event!
  4. Professors will be there and students from other grades
  5. Ask professors to make announcements in their classes
  6. Publicize Well -- tell your friends
  7. In Stata -- 4th floor common area
  8. Informal atmosphere
  9. Need to figure out food
    • appetizers and mini sandwiches
    • Rebecca's cafe
    • Milk-street cafe
    • Sebastian's (kind of expensive)
    • E-mail Cathy and see what would be best -- also ask her if we can get servers