Undergraduate BE Board:Minutes - 4/16/12 Minutes

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BE UG Board Meeting
Student Center, 5th Floor

  1. 20.300 study break -- Exam 3 is on Thursday, May 3
  2. Need to organize 20.111 study break
    • when is their next exam? Wednesday, April 18
    • can hold a study break right after class -- their class is MWF at 10:00am, so 11:00am-1:00pm
    • Pizza -- Sicilias
  3. Majors panel on April 23
    • Queenie or Hannah is representing course 20
    • We have to take care of food
    • BE-BMES is planning on using it as a general body meeting -- expecting a large turnout
  4. John -- e-mail Scott with potential dates for the student-professor dinners
  5. John -- e-mail people who signed up for the FPOP to begin coordinating things
  6. Movie night study break
    • April 28
    • Esha -- send out poll for movie suggestions
    • Nina -- reserve room for event (eg 6-120, 32-144, etc)
  7. Should work on lounge requests
    • coffee, candy, clean out the fridge, cups, buy a new five gallon jug for the water fountain