Undergraduate BE Board:Minutes - 4/07/08 Minutes

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Minutes BE UG Board Meeting
April 7th 2008
CoffeeHouse (3rd Floor Student Center)

  1. Welcome and Attendance
  2. ASA Issues - Bernice
  3. Associate Advising - Dawn
    • Email to 2010's about associate advising reminding them of the program and to email their associate advisor
    • Cathy mentioned how Royal East might be a great place to have it. She's going to talk to Linda about it and get back to us asap.
  4. Tshirts - Renuka/Emilienne
    • What did the department say about selling outside MIT?
    • How many t-shirts are left in Cathy's office?
    • When will we place a second order?
  5. CPW - Marta
    • Academic Fair Friday April 11th 2-4pm Johnson
    • Pre-Frosh Course 20 Open House April 11th 4:30-5:30pm 32-144 (2-3 volunteers)
  6. Bulletin Board - Dawn/Emzo
    • Make calendar
    • Include updates about Course 20
    • Use CPW Board
  7. BE TA Awards - Marta
    • Update from Drew Endy
    • Survey Monkey started - but list of TA's and class taught
  8. Course 20 Open House
    • Thursday April 17th, 7:30-8:30pm TBA
    • Who can attend?
    • Poster to advertise to 2011's
    • Organize - food, length of speeches, etc.
  9. Our advisors want to help us!
    • Our newest advisor, Agi (astachow[@]mit) really wants to get involved. Make sure to keep her updated on what we're doing - ie, cc her when emailing Prof Griffith, etc.