Undergraduate BE Board:Minutes - 3/31/08 Minutes

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BE UG Board Meeting
March 31, 2008
Student Center Coffee House

Next Meeting: Monday, April 7th, Coffee House 10 pm.

Attendance: Emilienne, Marta, Bernice, Emzo, Dawn, Maryelise, Renuka

  1. Welcome and Attendance
  2. Associate Advising
    • Dawn
      • in the future A.A. info to faculty will come from Linda and Cathy, not us
      • we need to send another email to sophomores about having them contact their AA
    • dinner study break - get the word out ASAP so that associate advisors can attend
      • DATE: Sunday, April 27th
      • time: 1:00 pm
      • place - get funding for royal east? or catering in a better room on campus..walker or 20 chimneys?
      • ask what kind of budget we can have?
      • RSVP for a restaurant and students are more likely to come
      • food: restaurant or Sebastian's catering?
      • seating - tables and chairs, table cloths, signs with advising names
      • publicity
  3. CPW Academic Fair - Friday April 11th 2-4pm Johnson
    • one week from Friday!
    • Marta poster for easel
      • Saturday, 3:00pm to work on poster, Coffee House
      • Marta will get poster board, order pictures from the study break
    • Info Sheets from Cathy
    • Pens, sharpies, etc
    • Email for volunteers: Maryelise
    • Wear BE tshirts
  4. ASA
    • Bernice
      • confusion over who can change it
      • dawn forward sasha's email
      • our group isn't appearing on the website
    • Are we able to reserve a better room for AA dinner event?
  5. Curriculum Committee update
    • Emilienne
    • busybecurriculum AT mit DOT edu for the representatives
    • add section to the wiki?
      • Maryelise will add
    • office hours, schedule them
  6. BE TA Awards
    • Drew Endy wants us to head the voting process
    • send out email to undergrads asking them to nominate undergrad and grad TAs
    • survey monkey? click name and write short response
    • emphasize that its a short essay
    • marta will run idea by drew
    • don't include non-course 20 electives
      • must be core course 20 course (like 6.00 as well) and a TA whose is declared course 20
  7. Bulletin Board
    • Dawn, Emzo will meet this weekend
    • have a sketch for monday
  8. Course 20 Open House
    • after April 10th:
      • Wednesday April 16th 4-5pm
      • Thursday April 17th 7:30-8:30pm
    • FOOD - cookies and ice cream sundaes
    • Get more professors to come to small talk after speech
    • Get a few grad students' COOL FIGURES to talk about and show off
  9. Shirts
    • Set a deadline for picking up shirts: FRIDAY
    • different survey monkeys for each type of shirt
    • someone to program it
    • Cafe Press Issues
      • MIT name, BE department, MIT legal dept?
    • Renuka is the new long term t-shirt chair


  1. ASA Issues
  2. CPW
  3. Bulletin Board
  4. T-shirts