Undergraduate BE Board:Minutes - 3/3/08 Minutes

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BE UG Board Meeting
March 3, 2008
CoffeeHouse 3rd Floor Student Center

Attendance: Emilienne, Marta, Bernice, Emzo, Dawn, Maryelise, Mike, Anna

  1. Welcome and Attendance
  2. Tshirt Update
    • 12 extra shirts
    • $1522 shirts
    • 165 shirts
    • T-shirt pick up policy:
      • pick up shirt within 2 weeks of study break or contact us
      • final mailing address confirmed today
      • don't use techcash, easier to use check/cash
      • check about surcharge for techcash
      • Bernice will look up techcash and reimbursement logistics
  3. Joint Study Break March 17 6-8pm - assign tasks
    • Ice Cream (+utensils), Toppings, Order Pizza, Get Room Key, Email to besb and grad students, Music, Pop (fresca), Tshirt Distributions, Money Collecting, Other?
    • grad students will take care of the ice cream
  4. BE UG Curric - decide members
    • 2008: Sonal Sodha
    • 2009: Emilienne
    • 2010: Renuka Ramanathan
  5. Associate Advising update
    • write emails to AA's, to advisors, to the sophomores
    • decide on an amount of money
      • $10 per advisee
      • take students out just once a term
      • have some event in April
  6. Summary of Meeting with Advisors
    • graduate student spring grad school advising event
      • still have one this term for juniors (end of April)
    • BME Minor/BE-BMES
      • no representative on our board
      • still can invite them to our events
    • Course 20 Website
      • maybe have two separate things for core and restricted electives
      • only survey course 20 students for restrictive electives
        • more focus on class experience, not teaching
      • core classes have more emphasis on teaching, more thorough
      • more work on this over the summer, get data for seniors graduate
    • CPW (Cathy is our contact. April 11 2-4pm)
      • we can make the poster
  7. Bulletin Board - complete before Study Break
  8. Upcoming BE Prospective Faculty Luncheons
    • Wed March 19, 2-3pm Location TBA
    • Fri March 21, 2-3pm Location TBA
      • Board meeting attendees
  9. Other
  10. Next Meeting = March 17 5pm?