Undergraduate BE Board:Minutes - 3/29/11 Minutes

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BE UG Board Meeting
Skype Meeting

  1. FPOP counselors
    • 17 people applied
    • Can take 6-8 students (not including Yuan and Anne)
    • FPOP will be August 25-28 and counselors must be on campus by August 22
    • After choosing counselors – e-mail out to meet with them all
  2. CPW Course 20 booth
    • Cathy Greene needs volunteers
  3. Inter-Grade mixer/networking event with professors
    • Contact Manalis – tell him that we are interested in co-holding with BE-BMES
    • E-mail Omar (BE-BMES) – get his thoughts
    • Need to reserve a place and choose a date (maybe late April, after CPW)
  4. Sophomore Study Break
    • Next Monday or Tuesday (April 4 or 5)
    • Order food from UNO’s
    • Nina – send out e-mail to besb-13
  5. Check the fridge – clean out old food….
  6. Have not bought futon for lounge yet
  7. Need cups!