Undergraduate BE Board:Minutes - 3/17/08 Minutes

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BE UG Board Meeting
March 17, 2008

Attendance: Emilienne, Marta, Bernice, Emzo, Dawn, Maryelise

  1. CPW
    • April 11 Activity Fair
    • need volunteers
      • Cathy email out
      • Cathy has materials, handouts
    • Marta will make poster
    • Wear shirt, make nametag
  2. Study Break
    • Emzo and Maryelise pictures
  3. Associate Advising
    • emails
    • have event second week after spring break
  4. Bulletin Board
    • pictures from study break
    • Emzo, photoshop template
  5. Desserts w/ prospective BE faculty:
    • Wednesday 2-3
    • Friday 2-3
      • make a list of questions we want to ask, stay consistent
      • experience teaching
      • research interests
      • interested in undergrads helping with research
      • subjects interested/qualified to teach
      • our experience with major
  6. Curriculum Reps
    • can we have reduced minutes to share with the rest of undergrads? ask Prof. Griffith
      • department could screen the minutes...
    • office hours for students to meet with these reps in the week before curriculum meetings
      • make be curriculum email
  7. Course 20 Open House
    • Sometime after April 10th, need BEUG Board Reps to answer questions
    • hold two?
    • one at 4pm, one at 7:30-8:30pm
    • have food to attract them
      • cookies and ice cream sundaes
    • Bring our CPW Poster
    • Email professors/grad students for interesting figures or objects of work they've done we could share
      • make them into a poster
    • Try to get professors to attend