Undergraduate BE Board:Minutes - 3/10/12 Minutes

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BE UG Board Meeting
Student Center, 5th Floor

  1. FPOP
    • Jenny – GoogleDoc for FPOP Counselor Application
      • Why do you want to be a counselor?
      • Why would you make an ideal counselor?
      • What kind of non BE-related activity/Icebreaker would you propose?
      • Etc.
      • Fun Question
    • Jenny – contact the office to see when we will be getting student applications for the FPOP
    • Budget - $3000, 4/5 days, 16 people
      • Food – 2 meals (Breakfast/Lunch) every day
        • Breakfast: $5/person
        • Lunch: $10/person
        • $1500 total for just breakfast and lunch
        • ~$300 for dinner
      • Fun activities: movie, baseball game
        • MIT has tickets that they give out, through the CAC (~$46 online for baseball game tickets)
    • Long-term activity (making something tangible by the end) – constructive activity
      • Talk to Natalie/20.309 people
      • Optical tweezers?
  2. Associate Advising – $400/term
    • 12 advisors, each has 4-5 people
    • Put more money with the hopes that people will take advantage of it
    • Currently, the program is not highly utilized
      • Put more money with the hopes that people will take advantage of it
      • Put less money into the program because its not used
      • Decision: keep the budget at $400
  3. Board Meetings
    • We do not need food for our own personal meetings but can have food if we open the meetings to the general undergrad population
    • $50 for food expenses – will do this ~2-3 times
  4. Have study breaks after major exams/projects
    • Spring Semester: 20.310, 20.330. 20.111,
    • Fall Semester: 20.110, 20.320, and random one
    • Study breaks should take place in the lounge
    • 1 study break/class/term
    • $300/study break – 6 study breaks total
    • What kind of food do we want? Pizza is overdone but Cosi sandwiches are expensive
  5. Budget money into maintaining the lounge
    • Buy cups/utensils/packets for the coffee machine/snacks (go to Costco)
    • $300/semester for lounge budget
    • Esha – e-mail out about lounge improvements – do people have suggestions?
  6. Dinner with professors
    • 2/semester with approximately 10 people per dinner
    • $400/semester
  7. Mixer across all grades
    • $500/semester if we do dinner at a nice restaurant (~60 students
      • Pair them up? Eg. sophomore with senior
    • $150/semester for movie mixer (just need popcorn)
      • put wiggle room in budget (do we need a license)
  8. Merchandise
    • Try to give mugs/water bottles for $1
      • $150 for mugs/water bottles
      • could make a study break around giving them out
    • T-shirts (won’t be subsidized) – send out a form for interest
  9. Freshman open house
    • Get Toscanini’s or pizza and get a professor to talk about what it is like to work in the course 20 profession
    • $300-$400
  10. CPW – need to get a booth at the majors fair
    • Last year they gave out miniature sharpies with BE on them
    • $50 for BE merchandise to give out
      • Get 50mL conical, put our logo on them, fill them up with M&Ms
  11. Grad School/Med School/Industry Talks – $300
  12. Elections – $400