Undergraduate BE Board:Minutes - 2/4/08 Minutes

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BE UG Board Meeting
February 4, 2008
4pm 56-614

Attendance: Dawn, Emilienne, Iny, Mike, Marta, Bernice

  1. T-shirts
    • ready to order, just waiting for okay from general counsel
  2. Kick-off event
    • change time to 6:30-8pm (Dawn check with Dan)
    • music - Dawn's computer
    • food: Subway (3 platters/100 slices, incl. vegetarian option) + ice cream cake, check options/prices - JP Licks, Shaw's (Bernice)
    • email professors to publicize event (Marta)
    • email besb-list to publicize (Mike)
    • put platforms on wiki, type and print ballots (Mike)
  3. Advising
    • need more people
    • Dawn - email old list to ask if they are still interested in joining new program
  4. Bulletin Board
    • 16-429, good enough until we get lounge
    • new board should decorate it
    • secretary can put up BE Board title, and officer info. Also keep updated for events
  5. Senior Dinner
    • Bernice will go with Dan to MoS Wednesday
  6. Ideas for new board
    • Lounge - TVs, games
    • IM sports - join grad students, but if we have lots of interest may consider starting our own teams
    • interdepartmental dodgeball event?