Undergraduate BE Board:Minutes - 2/25/08 Minutes

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BE UG Board Meeting
February 25, 2008
CoffeeHouse 3rd Floor Student Center

Attendance: Emilienne, Marta, Bernice, Renuka, Emzo, Dawn, Maryelise

  1. Welcome and Attendance
  2. Budget (Bernice)
    • posted on wiki
    • now have an ASA account
  3. Tshirt update (Emilienne)
    • 120 orders
    • department will forward money
    • who to make checks out to? pay with techcash?
    • extra t-shirts: 6-2 ratio girlies-regular
    • delivery Thursday March 13, to Cathy
  4. Joint Study Break (Plan)
    • When: Monday 6-8pm
    • Where: 56-614
    • Food: offer dinner
      • St. Patricks Day Themed
      • pizza (Bertucci's)
      • dye punch green (sprite, mt. dew, vernors, fresca)
      • ice cream sundaes
    • ask grad about expected attendance
    • no activities
    • Dawn has speakers
  5. BE UG Curriculum Rep Update (Marta)
    • no senior response so far
  6. SWE Course 20 Rep Update (Maryelise)
    • email out to besb lists for interest
  7. Associate Advising Update (Dawn)
    • 17 responses
    • Timeline? Assignments, study break, etc.
      • Dawn: ask them which professor they wish to work with
      • response deadline is Monday
    • Money per advisor/ advising group
      • Choose money per Advisee
      • give us or Cathy the receipt (ask at meeting)
  8. Possible BME Minor Representative on Board
      • view points on electives
      • maybe mixers with them, but separate social events
  9. Senior Dinner Update (Bernice)
    • get back to us soon
  10. "Undergrad Guide to Course 20" website
    • Doug/Linda's thoughts
    • make sure we have faculty support (get class lists from professors)
    • Emzo's brainstorming for logistics of wiki/webpage anonymous hopes
      • someone to help him
      • borrow course 6's code
  11. Bulletin Board Plans(Dawn)
    • both academic and social
    • printed calendar
    • announcements
    • group photo of BE Board/names
    • photos of our events (print extras for CPW advertising)
    • small space for faculty to advertise classes/research
  12. Social Events Brainstorming (tabled till next time)
  13. Website (maryelise)
    • Members - put up officers
    • Make calendar of events
    • Change "Contact Us"
  14. Graduate Students
    • potential events: talk about graduate school
  15. Seminars
    • Cathy will add undergrad lists to the be-seminar list
    • or email to ask students it they wish to be added
  16. Next Meeting: Monday March 3