Undergraduate BE Board:Minutes - 2/19/08 Minutes

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BE UG Board Meeting
February 19, 2008
10:00pm CoffeeHouse 3rd Floor Student Center

Attendance: Bernice, Justin, BE-BMES president, Emzo, Iny, Dawn, Marta, Amy (Grad student)

  1. SWE Course 20 rep - Maryelise contacted SWE president about the BE UG Board finding someone to fill the spot (and being connected with the BE UG Board)
  2. Doug Lauffenburger wants to have undergraduates meet with prospective faculty
    • He Emailed the BE Board, wanting max of 6 or 7 students
    • Soonest luncheon: Friday Feb 22nd 1:15-2:15 56-202
    • Attending: Justin, Marta, Iny, Emilienne, Emzo, Mike, Bernice?
    • For Future meetings, email besb and let first 5 responses attend if BE Board doesn't have enough people coming
  3. BE T-Shirts
    • Last day to order: Wednesday Feb 27th
    • JOINT STUDY BREAK to hand out t-shirts 3 weeks after order date
      • undergrads and grad students
    • keep leftover tshirts in BE office with list of names - Bernice ask Cathy if she's okay with helping us out
    • Emilienne decide about ordering extras - 10% extra sounds about right
      • QRST's saves the silk screen so that we can order extras later with no extra fees - perhaps end of semester order as well?
    • Open Tshirt Ordering to BE-BMES members
    • Study break activity ideas - chat with someone that got the same shirt as you
    • Email BE Grad Student Board - Marta
    • Thoroughly Plan Study Break Next Meeting
  4. BME Minor on BE UG Board? - Marta ask advisors
  5. Associate Advising - Dawn send out email to 2009s
  6. BE UG Curriculum Board
    • Marta email out to besb for interest
    • One BE rep per grade (2010,2009,2008)
    • Meetings occur 2-3x per semester
    • REP also expected to be part of BE UG Board as "Member at Large"
  7. Senior Dinner
    • Set date = Wednesday of Senior Week
    • Set location = Museum of Science
    • Food = buffet style
    • Bernice ask Dan Darling for more details
    • Save funny senior awards for BBQ - have Mike and Sasha work on that
    • Optional light/omni theatre show beforehand for seniors to attend
  8. Email Lists
    • Maryelise figure out how to update busybeboard@mit.edu
    • Maryelise make new busybeboard-exec@mit.edu list for officers
  9. Study Break Ideas
    • Movie night (at theatre) with subsidized tickets
    • Movie night (at MIT) with food and projector
    • class competitions to get more people to attend
  10. Bulletin Board - Dawn in charge
    • Details: Sign that says BE UG Board
      • picture of BE Board w/ names (when we get our tshirts)
      • photos of study break events
      • section about assoc advising
      • suggestion envelope/box
      • CALENDAR of BE academic and social things
  11. Course Website Idea
    • purpose: to have class evaluations that UGs can read to prepare for classes, get students' perspectives, find out the real scoop, etc.
    • Marta ask advisors their perspective
    • especially want advice on BE electives
    • Emzo look into doing course evaluation forms from our BE wiki
  12. BE UG Newsletter
    • not want paper form, prefer PDFs on our wiki and occasional besb emails
    • a recap on whats going on with the BE Board, BE Major
    • upcoming events and new classes, etc.
  13. Meeting Schedule
    • 10PM Mondays
    • CoffeeHouse 3rd Floor Student Center
    • Weekly/Bi-weekly depending on what is necessary
  14. Amy - BE Grad student to help us out
    • suggests getting an email account for feedback from our wiki
    • to get info on Grad academic events, have Cathy send besb be-academics and be-seminars emails


  • Bernice
    • MoS Senior Dinner talk to Dan and get details
    • ask Cathy for OK to dispurse tshirts/ collect money after joint study break
    • email cathy to get be-seminar@mit.edu emails sent to besb lists
    • make 2010 class email list
    • look up last year’s budget and start planning this years’ by the next meeting
  • Dawn
    • make 2009 class email list
    • email be-academics@mit.edu to get emails sent to best lists
    • plan out bulletin board (specific!), be ready for next meeting
    • send out associate advising email to 2009s
  • Marta
    • email Doug/Linda about BE-BMES and BME minor questions
    • email Doug/Linda about wiki version of “undergrad guide to course 20”
    • email BE students about BE UG Curriculum Board Representatives
  • Emzo
    • brainstorm logistics for wiki version of “undergrad guide to course 20”
    • make 2009 class email list
  • Justin
    • email busybeboard@mit.edu when know date of next BE-BMES meeting
  • Maryelise
    • email Sasha Brophy about how to make class email lists non-spammed
    • email SWE president and find out about Course 20 rep
    • make 2010 class email list
  • Mike/Sasha
    • think about senior “awards” for end of year BBQ
  • Emilienne
    • Keep up good work with Tshirts
    • be ready for tshirt update at next meeting
    • have you thought about extras?