Undergraduate BE Board:Minutes - 2/17/12 Minutes

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BE UG Board Meeting
Student Center, 5th Floor

  1. New meeting time: Thursday evening (7 or 8)
  2. Start on FPOP
  3. Everyone: respond to Cathy's e-mail about meeting on March 21
  4. Associate Advising
  5. Study Breaks --Treasurer and Campus Relations should take care of planning this
    • after 20.330 or 20.310 major assignment due
    • in the beub lounge or elsewhere?
      • beub lounge
  6. Jonathon and Matt - talk to Anne or Doug about funding
  7. Should we survey undergrads about what they want in the lounge?
  8. Merchandise
    • do we want the old design or a new t-shirt design
    • design competition?
    • make order through QRST
    • need a new FPOP t-shirt
    • do we want mugs? sweatpants?
  9. Fraenkel's research contest
    • Jonathon - e-mail Fraenkel
  10. Open house joint with BE-BMES
  11. Need to start working on CPW stuff
    • booth at the midway fair
  12. BE mixer with different grades
    • in the evening
    • how much people would show up: contingent on funding
  13. Grad school talk
  14. FPOP
    • people should start to apply as counselors
      • Jenny - send out google-doc/email soon
      • should include oddball question/something fun
    • more hands on activities?
    • more off campus activities
  15. Dinners/lunches with professors
    • talk about research and eat food together
    • get dinner with three or four profs (people can apply to participate in this)
  16. Big brother program
    • sophomore/senior or undergrads/grads
    • mixers with each other
  17. Movie breaks
    • off campus or comfortable lecture rooms
  18. Fix up the wiki
    • what is the purpose? Is it necessary?
    • mainly for beub use
    • should we use a different website platform
  19. E-mail out about meetings to the entire be undergrad population
    • attendance from outside the board can't hurt
    • will be held in the beub lounge
    • can we get food? will entice more people to come