Undergraduate BE Board:Minutes - 2/16/11 Minutes

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BE UG Board Meeting
BE UG Lounge (56-046)

  1. Associate Advising
    • Yuan – contact Cathy and will match up people
  2. Painting the logo in lounge
  3. Sweatpants? More popular than t-shirts
  4. Consulting Career Event
    • There is interest among undergrads
    • Possible Dates: March 7/8/9/14/28/30/15/16
    • More Exams directly before/after spring break
      • Shoot for March 7-9 → Monday March 7
    • Dan will be responsible for setting it up
  5. Yuan: Meeting with BE-BMES in two weeks
  6. Official Meeting Time: Tuesdays@8:00pm every two weeks
  7. Updating the lounge
    • Putting in a bed/futon or a hammock?
    • Printer? Too expensive/maybe out of budget?
    • Clean out fridge!
  8. Add lounge access to freshman and new sophomores
  9. Budget
    • Study Break budget:
      • Don’t overspend on food → can get ~$200 of food
    • Don’t decrease budget for Associate Advising
  10. FPOP
    • Too many lectures → shouldn’t get rid of all of the lectures, but should decrease the amount
      • Try to get more charismatic speakers
    • Touring InkoBioworks was successful
    • Need to get agenda from Siv
    • Need to e-mail Elisabeth
    • More hands on lab experiences – but need to work out safety training
    • Save money for food, make FPOPers cook (eg. BBQ pits)
      • BE twist?
      • Food chemistry?
    • Bonding time! (eg. taboo/apples-to-apples)
    • Last year schedule: 8:00am-6:00pm → long schedule
    • Museum of Science
    • 8 counselors last year, but not all of them showed up everyday
      • ~2/3 FPOP alums from last year
      • Decrease the amount of counselors and make attendance everyday mandatory
      • Send out Counselor Application today – will be due March 4 (interviews before Spring Break)
    • Look up the number of students we are allowed to have in the FPOP
  11. Dates for study breaks
    • 3 study breaks/semester (could do more?)
    • After 20.109 first lab report? – for sophomores – march 31
    • After 20.310 first exam? – for Juniors – march 7
    • After 20.380 – for seniors – mid April (ask Kevin)