Undergraduate BE Board:Minutes - 2/12/08 Minutes

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BE UG Board Meeting
February 12, 2008
5:30pm 56-3rd Floor

Attendance: Dawn, Emilienne, Iny, Marta

  1. Tshirts
    • Let BE Students know about the problem and see the new possible designs at the study break
    • Emilienne make a new voting survey with surveymonkey, link is on website, voting ends Feb 15th.
    • Shirt order goes from Monday Feb 18th to Friday Feb 22nd
    • Mike Lee, Dos Equis designer should still get a free shirt for his efforts
    • Emilienne email out about tshirts: explain reason, voting, ordering, due-dates
  2. ASA Updates
    • Now have the password, sn, and website to reserve rooms in a hard copy.
    • Let's take advantage of this (eg. reserve rooms in student center?)
  3. BE Curriculum Updates
    • Interest already expressed by a sophomore - Macky
    • How get people into that position?
      • appoint them
      • ask for interest
      • have a screening, why want to be involved in it?
  4. BE Associate Advisors
    • Dawn email 2009's
    • minimum requirements:
      • assigned an advising group
      • attend big group dinner "meet your assoc advisor" event (one per semester) [plan for March 2008]
      • take out advisees 1 or 2 times per semester for coffee/ice cream to chat and answer questions
      • continue being the same group's associate advisor until you graduate
    • make it "pretty" so increase interest:
      • get connections with an MIT faculty member
      • make a difference in the BE curriculum
      • social - meet new people
      • free food
      • feel good, help younger BE students
  5. BE UG students meet with possible BE faculty
    • Doug proposed Friday Feb 22nd 12:30-1:30p
    • Through email, Mike, Emilienne, Marta and Dawn agreed to have times alternate between 10:30-11:30 and 1:30-2:30 (multiple prospective faculty will visit) to get as many BE UG's there as possible.
    • Marta email Doug with this reponse
  6. Senior Dinner
    • Musuem of Science seems pretty awesome
    • We are okay with using museum catering service - wolfgang puck
    • Don't really need two rooms, but if BE dept is willing to pay for it, why not?
    • Next meeting worry about the date (whether or not we want to change it)
    • Event Title "BE Class of 2008 Graduation Banquet"
  7. BE Class email lists
    • with just BE students' emails, no professors/admins
    • since we have the list of BE students, we can get their emails and makes the lists ourselves
    • if students don't want to be on the list, they can remove themselves

Next Meeting: Tuesday February 19th, 10pm Student Center

    • Transition new BE Board Exec
    • How to invite people to BE possible faculty brunch/lunches? (Doug wanted 7/8 UGs there)
    • Tshirt update
    • Associate Advising update
    • Senior Dinner - date, location details
    • Class emial lists - divvy up names, find email addresses
    • Bulletin Board - make it pretty


    • Emilienne email out about tshirts: voting, ordering, due-dates
    • Dawn email 2009's about Associate Advising
    • Marta email Doug response about prospective UGs at BE faculty luncheons
    • Mike bring ballots to BE office
    • Mike email out reminding people they can vote in BE office until Friday