Undergraduate BE Board:Minutes - 11/17/11 Minutes

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BE UG Board Meeting
Student Center, 2nd Floor

  1. FAQ for professors (to avoid e-mails from interested high schoolers)
    • Dan said he would look for faculty bios
    • Put up information about UROPs we’ve done
    • Should go up before the start of next semester
  2. Elections
    • E-mail needs to go out soon!
    • December 9 (when 20.320 final project is due)
    • Delete last years’ platforms from Wiki
    • Yuan – take care of food and e-mails
  3. Send out a survey about classes (teachers are interested in student opinions)
    • Use an incentive to ensure people fill it out – gift cards?
    • Model it after the survey sent out about REST electives
    • How do students feel about their classes and the curricula?
    • How much contact do people have with their professors outside of class?
    • Ask students about the board (do they know we exist? Do they know what we do? Do they know the undergrad lounge exists?)
    • What sort of restricted electives are people picking?
    • Favorite course 20 class?
  4. Some students still need access to the lounge (are e-mailing Anne about it)
  5. Need to fill out ASA registration
    • Recommends that a group has 5 members – we only have 4
    • Should we increase the size of the board? Last year a lot of people ran for positions – enough popularity for increased size
  6. Fraenkel wants to have a research competition for course 20 students
    • Want to encourage long-term research (minimum of one year)
    • $1000 for first place, $500 for second, $300 for third
  7. Reminders for next week
    • Design survey
    • Fraenkel competition
    • BE merchandise (t-shirts)