Undergraduate BE Board:Minutes - 10/04/10 Minutes

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BE UG Board Meeting Minutes
BE UG Lounge (56-046)

  1. Welcome and Attendance
  2. Grad School Info Event with Scott Manalis
    • Tomorrow: 10/5 at 7pm. 56-614. Pizza will be served.
    • Who can go - Anne can go from BEUB. Also, I think Jessica Perez from BE-BMES will be there!
  3. Internship event with Dan Darling.
    • Room: 32-144, 7-8pm.
    • Dan will present on how to get interships in course 20 and such. John can go maybe Max as well
    • No food, an advertisement was just sent out. Please send out one per day until the event.
  4. Underground Guide
    • It's been uploaded and sent to everyone
    • any other possible way of distributing?
    • yay! we are done with this.
  5. Social Events
    • First one, Oct 13th after the 20.110 exam - ice cream waiting outside the room from 10-11am in room 32-123. Kevin will take care of it
    • Moving the senior study break for after the 2nd 20.309 exam which will be on the 28th at 1pm. Probably either pizza or cosi in the BE UG lounge
  6. Curriculum Meetings
    • November 15th - Kevin can go, but anyone else is more than welcome to partake in the discussion
  7. Lounge
    • possible solutions to the lounge problem, emailing out at the beginning of the semester to the sophomores tell them that we have a lounge
    • encourage TA's to have OH in the BE UG lounge.
  8. Other stuff from last time (sorry, I haven't done much planning up until now...)
    • Faculty dinners - Kevin will email Lauffenburger about potential list of professors who might be willing to give up an evening and have dinner with course 20 students.
    • A mixer among all the course 20 sophomores, juniors and upperclassmen. (This normally turns out to be elections...)