Undergraduate BE Board:Minutes - 1/31/11 Minutes

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BE UG Board Meeting
BE UG Lounge (56-046)

BEUB Transition Meeting


  • To represent the undergraduate's interests to the BE faculty
  • To create a community of students within the major
  • To organize social and Academic Events for BE undergrads
  • To identify and disseminate resources for choosing courses, finding UROPs, and learning about life (careers/grad school/med school) after MIT

General Introduction:

  1. Wiki: http://openwetware.org/wiki/Undergraduate_BE_Board
  2. Frequencies of meeting: Usually twice a month (doodle for time/space)
  3. President: Write up agenda on wiki, run meeting
  4. Secretary: Take minutes on wiki
  5. Treasurer: Meet with Cathy Green to go over current funds, set up budget
  6. VP: Helps president with day-to-day activities, in charge of the BE FPOP
  7. BE lists: besb-11, besb-12, besb-13, besb-14 (Cathy will approve messages)
  8. Our mailing lists:
    • busybeboard@mit.edu - all course 20's who wish to be updated about BEUB
    • busybeboard-ug-exec@Mit.edu - all undergrad exec members
    • busybeboard-exec@Mit.edu - Exec + faculty sponsors
    • Gmail account: busybeboard@gmail.com; password: mooingturtle
  9. Lounge
    • in charge of ordering things for the lounge, get requests from students
    • Office Combo: 9146 (Do NOT share with other students
  10. Be Admin events
    • help out Scott, Natalie at info sessions during registration
    • Activities Midway for Orientation and CPW
  11. Contact Scott Manalis, Linda Griffith, and Natalie Kuldell to introduce yourselves


  1. Associate Advising
    • Get a list of Advisors from Cathy Greene
    • Recruit Juniors to volunteer to be AA's
    • Match them up and make sure people get reimbursed, etc.
  2. Study breaks (normally each class gets one after some bug project/test); should be 1 per class per semester at least
    • Also, we have been getting requests for more mixers between classes, just fyi
  3. BE Stuff
    • tshirts - I think we still have a lot
    • mugs - we are out
    • any other ideas that you want to have stuff for (pens, sweat pants, travel mugs, flip flops)
  4. Grad School Panel (April)
    • Get a panel of BE grad students and 2010 seniors who just finished
    • grad contract Bryan Owens (Anne will know who to contact)
  5. Med School Panel
    • Joint with BE-BMES last year
    • Talk with Professor Griffith to get ideas
  6. Open house event for Freshmen
    • Joint with BE-BMES last year
    • get faculty from similar majors (20, 10, 7, 5, 3) to discuss the differences
    • should be done before freshmen declare majors
  7. Goodbye Dinner for Seniors in May (Kevin can take care of this if necessary)
  8. Curriculum Meetings
    • Contact Scott Manalis about when these will be held and if the BEUB can do anything to help
  9. BE FPOP
    • Ask Sivakami if you guys need help
    • Recruit counselors EARLY
    • This MUST happen this year. Last year meant a 2-year commitment
  10. Faculty Grad School Talk
    • Usually Scott Manalis leads this talk in the spring
    • More of timing/financials of grad school
  11. Internship Information Session
    • Talk with Dan Darling about acquiring an internship
  12. Elections: you know how this works