Undergraduate BE Board:Minutes - 1/29/08 Minutes

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BE UG Board Meeting
January 29, 2008
7:30pm Cosi

Attendance: Sasha, Bernice, Dawn, Emilienne, Iny, Mike, Marta

  1. T-shirts
    • Must be put in vector form – ask creator (Mike) if he can do it
    • Style: Girly Fine Jersey and Unisex Fine Jersey (for men)
    • Order form QRST : ~$10 per person,+ $30 pattern fee (expect BE dept to pay extra costs)
    • Extras: Men – 1S, 4M, 4L, 1XL, Women – 2S, 5M, 3L, 0XL
  2. Mission Statement
    • Cool with Current Goals on the wiki (and perhaps tweak the word ‘disseminate’):
      • To represent the undergraduate's interests to the BE faculty
      • To create a community of students within the major
      • To organize social and academic events for BE undergrads
      • To identify and disseminate resources for choosing courses, finding UROPs, and learning about life (careers/grad school/med school) after MIT
  3. Elections
    • February 12th 2008 7:30pm 56-614
    • Mike send out email saying that:
      • anyone can run (we’re not elitist)
      • it’s a great way to learn what the board is all about
      • platform should include: name, year, why chose BE, why want position
    • No speeches, instead have candidates stand and say name and position running for
    • Food = subway + cake
    • Email professors to hype up in 20.109, 310, 330, 380 (who?)
    • Ballots:
      • alphabetical candidates
      • rank candidates 1 & 2 (in case of ties)
      • space at bottom for BE ideas/comments
    • For future board meetings, people that come regularly perhaps have:
      • board members at large?
      • committees?
      • semester long positions?
      • BE UG Curriculum positions (appoint one 10, 09, 08) [ahem Emilienne ahem]
  4. BE UG Curriculum Board
    • Linda Griffith wants 2-3 people so that at least 1 is at every meeting
      • 1 soph, 1 junior, 1 senior – BE UG Board appoint, email out ask if people interested
      • Fill spots with preferably board members rather than exec
      • Become “Member at Large” must attend BE Board meetings and BE Curric Meetings
      • Emilienne ask Linda when first meeting is, and for schedule of meetings thereafter
  5. Associate Advisor Dinner
    • Leave to new BE Board
      • Marta email Cathy letter to juniors asking them to be Associate Advisors (+ details)
      • Make sure 09s know that their name will be on BE wiki
  6. ASA Application
    • Sasha ROCKS because she got us ASA approved last year!
    • We have an account - Sasha get deetails of password, name, and website to sign on
  7. Amy
    • Thanks for start BE UG board, call out for members, put together website skeleton, help with tshirts
      • Thank-you gift and be shirt when new board takes over
  8. BE UG Wiki
    • No private page – we can deal with that.
    • Contact info questionable? – BE UG Exec is posted, so Assoc Advisors should be fine
      • post names only, people can use mit website to find contact info
      • add to recruiting email notice that names will be posted
    • Mike put platform page onto wiki
    • List of tutors on wiki – WAIT to discuss until after BE workshop on reg day
  9. Senior Dinner
    • Let new BE Board decide exactly what to do
      • Lighter awards for BE BBQ
      • Faculty awards for excellence, service, academics
      • Seniors vote on awards for each other? – Sasha & Mike say yes
      • TA award + Professor award?
      • Museum of Science (not MIT Museum) or Aquarium?
  10. Course 20 Dorm Reps?
    • No – the major is too small, and if we have a list of ‘tutors’ on Wiki, then advice and help is only a click away
    • Sasha’s plug: SWE Course 20 Rep still needed… deadline flexible - email her platform
  11. Bulletin Board
    • Iny look into ASA bulletin board
    • Emilienne ask Cathy where bulletin board

Next Meeting: Monday (REG DAY) 4:00pm 56-614

  • discuss what to ask about MATLAB tutoring in workshop at 4:30
  • plan kick-off event
  • email professors to hype up kick-off
  • emails to besb-list
  • order food (subway + cake from?)


  • Sasha ASA password/website
  • Dawn ask Mike to put shirt design in vector form
  • Dawn order Tshirts
  • Mike Platform page onto Wiki
  • Mike type up ballots
  • Mike email BE-list about elections
  • Emilienne email Cathy for list of Course 20 students and Course 20 bulletin board
  • Emilienne email Linda for BE UG Curriculum Board Meeting Schedule
  • Marta update assoc advising email for juniors and email to Cathy
  • Iny ask ASA about bulletin board