Undergraduate BE Board:Minutes - 1/24/08 Minutes

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BE UG Board Meeting
January 24, 2008
4:00pm 56-402

Attendance: Cathy Greene, Ernest Fraenkel, Scott Manalis, Linda Griffith, Doug Lauffenburger
Mike, Emilienne, Dawn, Renuka, Neha, Bernice, Marta

  1. Elections
    • 4 core board members (P, VP, Sec, Treas)
    • Year-long positions (Jan-Dec)
    • Open meetings so that everyone has a say and is in-the-know
    • Platform specifics – none
    • Speech at kickoff event – no, too formal
    • Voting at BE office until the end of week
  2. Associate Advising
    • Role: Informal advisor, one event + meet & greet, available by email/phone for advice
    • 2009’s for 2010’s so can be paired for 1.5 years
    • Cathy send email to juniors asking for volunteers (already has list of previously volunteered with e-mails but will send out new e-mail)
    • If not enough volunteers, send e-mail again 1st week of school
    • Pair one junior with each sophomore advisor
    • Allowed money to take group out
  3. BE Undergrad on Curriculum Board
    • 2 or 3 undergrads to be members so that one is always at a meeting
    • Plan of action: work through class by class
    • Student’s role: relay information between students and faculty, give on-the-spot ideas
    • Ideally junior/senior knowledgeable about more course 20 goings-on
    • Item for next curriculum board agenda: how to better conduct recitations
  4. Workshop Brainstorms
    • Want all Course 20 to know object-oriented programming, plus Matlab
    • Incorporate Matlab modules into all classes, multiple weekly Matlab tutoring sessions
    • Rethink TA recitations: prepare & reformulate material taught in class, plus office hours
  5. Tutoring
    • Discuss at workshop on reg day
    • Start “tutor room” with computers to help students with Matlab pset questions multiple nights per week – dept pay those computing/programming tutors
    • BE dept NOT want to pay people for one-on-one tutoring
    • Likes idea of BE board: have list of person/class/availability for informal, infrequent, volunteer help for pset questions
    • Side note: BE only section for OWW page to post tutor info, etc?
  6. Senior Dinner
    • No parents – they can attend the reception on graduation day
    • At Museum of Science? – Renuka look into it
    • Awards: ~3 outstanding senior awards for: academics, service, leadership, research
    • TA Award, Professor Award from BE Students
    • Save Informal Awards for BE BBQ – plan with BE Grad Board
  7. T-Shirts
    • Talk to Michelle Berry and Cathy Greene for details
    • Dept CAN front the money with BE credit card
    • Cathy will email out to faculty for Tshirt orders
  8. BE Lounge Update
    • Constructoin has begun
    • Plan to finish building by July
    • Start furnishing end of summer
    • BE UG Board “wish list” includes hammock + ?