Undergraduate BE Board:Minutes - 1/22/08 Minutes

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BE UG Board
January 22, 2008
Mike, Dawn, Bernice, Renuka, Neha, Marta

Welcome Renuka!
Senior Dinner:
Perhaps at Museum of Science instead of Faculty Club?
Cocktail style?
Date for sure on the Wednesday of Senior Week.
Include “TA of the year” award (not overlap with BE faculty awards)
Continue to ask seniors what they want – ultimately, it’s for them.

Get there by searching ‘busybeboard’ or from a link on the BE homepage
Wait to update with full elaborate details until have decided and finalized more plans
Include newsletter section, section with things board does, etc.

Depends on what BE dept’s thinking for tutors – regular, weekly, formal with pay?
BE UG Board could lead informal, infrequent volunteer tutor/help with email/bio on OWW
Could make list of past/present BE TA’s and put info on OWW for occasional help
Or ask BE associate advisors for advice on who to go to for help

Associate Advising:
One (or two if overload) junior per sophomore advisor
Small budget per assoc advisor ($100?) for coffee/ice cream/ etc

Kick-Off Event: Tuesday February 12th 7:30-9pm 56-614
Increase attendance:
-word out mouth
-exciting emails
-profs announce and chalkboards in major 20 classes
-BE UG bulletin board somewhere in building 56?
-Facebook invites for people in BE group (thanks to Mike Yee)
Food: Subway and Cake
-Platform due Wednesday Feb 6th, will be extended to Friday Feb 8th – post on OWW
-Cathy is okay with the ballot box in the BE office for the rest of the week.
-Ballots include area for input on food, interests, study break ideas
-spotlights on UG urops, PIs’ labs, course 20 profs
-what’s new with course 20
-be board info
Arrange chairs in circles so more social environment
Hand out tshirts!

ASA recognition:
Long term process – semester
Application online
Includes aims to do, goal oriented questions
Renuka will explore details

Not ordered yet – but soon!
Excel spreadsheet has list of orders.
Department should (hopefully) front the money – $10-15 per shirt
Dawn is in charge of getting them in time for the Kick-Off.
Faculy Forum/ BE UG Curriculum Board Member:
To let the undergrad students have a voice
To prevent under-representing units
So that Course 20 students aren’t always hosed
To perhaps start a MATLAB class?
In general, we think an undergrad should help decide things because they’ve been through it and know the problems.

With Doug:
Associate Advising
BE Lounge update
UG on BE UG Curriculum Board?

For Thursday: 4pm
Tutoring plans BE faculty have (weekly and formal with pay?) vs BE UG Board (informal, infrequent, voluntary?)
Official awards for Senior Dinner? + date and place
Associate advising plans – how long is Linda’s list of ‘assoc advisors’?
Tshirts – front the money w/ BE dept credit card, please
BE Undergrad Curriculum Board Member?
Next Meeting: 7:30pm at COSI!
Mission Statement
Something for Amy (BE Grad help with transitions)
ASA start application
Faculty Forum/ BE UG Curriculum Board Member

Renuka check on ASA recognition
Renuka look up Museum of Science info
Dawn ask Amy about Tshirts, get excel sheet from Emilienne, order them + extras
Marta meet with Doug
Marta email Cathy about besb-10@mit.edu