Undergraduate BE Board:Minutes - 1/15/08 Minutes

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BE Undergrad Board Minutes, January 15, 2008

Overall: want a laid-back BE board that has fun activities and still helps each other out, less focus on speakers/academics since Grad students and faculty handle that aspect rather well

  1. Elections:
    • Held at kickoff on Tuesday February 12th
    • Voting through Friday February 15th in BE office *if Kathy okays it
    • Platform due by Wednesday February 6th, will extend to Friday February 8th
    • Positions:
      • President – faculty go-to person, runs the board and BE meetings
      • VP – a little of everything, an outside contact person for non-board members
      • Secretary – emails, minutes, get rooms, make agendas
      • Treasurer – order food, budget events, handle t-shirts, money stuff
  2. Biweekly meetings (1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month?):
    • Start formal with structured agenda to take care of business
    • End laid back hangout with course 20 people and eat food
  3. Big/Lil Alternative = BE Associate Advisors: *run idea by Doug
    • Juniors volunteer to help advise sophomores
    • Email juniors and get enough to match advisors
    • Assoc advisor responsibility = be available to give advice, spend time/money on advisees
    • List of assoc advisors on BE wiki with info about them
    • Ideas:
      • Dinner – table with advisor, assoc advisor, advisees
      • Tutoring:
        • Lowkey/informal like TA extended office hours
      • Premeds probably volunteer
        • Post individual tutor times and classes tutored on wiki
  4. Social Ideas:
    • Paintballing
    • Candlepin bowling
    • IM team
    • Mingle with other courses (6 or 9)
    • Sports versus other courses (11)
    • Movie Night
    • Study break to hang out t-shirts
  5. Publicity:
    • keep within course 20 (no posters)
    • write on chalkboards in core classes
    • have professors/board announce in course 20 classes
    • email BE lists
  6. BE Lounge:
    • We approve
    • Add hammock
    • Artwork
    • Lots of space to work and lounge as well
    • Food stocked?
    • Look forward to pick out furniture
    • Cork board for BE announcements and calendar of events
    • Lots of outlets for laptop plugs throughout the lounge
    • NO formal tutor room
    • BEMS share storage space with us?
  7. To Do:
    • Mike set up link to website/wiki
    • Mike add elections positions+roles to wiki
    • Dawn check w/ Emilienne on Tshirts
    • Dawn check voting method with Kathy
    • Dawn ask Kathy to put link on BE homepage to Undergrad BE page http://openwetware.org/wiki/Undergraduate_BE_Board
    • Marta run BE Assoc Advisor idea by Doug
    • Marta email about elections
    • Neha think about kickoff event
  8. Next Meeting: Tuesday January 22nd, 7:30pm 3rd floor building 56 (Mike buy food)
    • Welcome back kickoff
    • Senior Dinner
    • BE Tshirts
    • Mission Statement
    • UG on curriculum board (so not hosed, no units hiding, etc)