Undergraduate BE Board:Minutes - 09/14/09 Minutes

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BE UG Board Meeting Minutes

  1. Welcome and Attendance
  2. Summer Updates?
    1. Everyone made many discoveries about their lives; grad school/med school/biotech companies and the like
  3. Grad School Info Event with Scott Manalis
    • Thursday, Sept 17th 7:15pm
    • 56-614
    • Food -- Pizza (Cathy has already ordered it)
  4. Summer Research Event
    • Sept. 23rd at 7:30pm
      • Next Wednesday
    • Room: 56-614
    • Food -- Bertucci's will be served
    • RSVP will be required
    • Will be advertised
    • Compiling Flyer -- if people cannot stay, will use flyer
  5. Underground Guide
    • Cathy compiled into PDF Form
    • Distribution
      • Password/certificates link on BE website
      • email out to get advice about the restricted electives and also the "roadmap" core classes/advice
        • survey monkey
        • Bernice will look into doing this on a google document; Bernice will ask Cathy for the old version
    • Goal for moving forward -- online version
  6. Social Events
    • Juniors after 320 exam -- Oct. 8 @ 11 -- come grab lunch in undergrad lounge
    • Freshman Oct. 9 @ 11 -- come grab lunch in undergrad lounge
    • Senior Oct. 16 @ evening -- apps. at Miracle/Asgard; "Happy Hour" -- emjay will ask Cathy
  7. Internship Event with Dan Darling
    • Later in the semester, date/time
  8. Associate Advising
    • Updates - did you talk to your advisees; email our to advisors to email their kids
    • emailing out to AA's to remind them -- Bernice
  9. Curriculum Meetings
    • Find out when they will be held this term
  10. Lounge
    • additions -- white board
    • Thank Cathy for the pillows
    • Emjay -- ask about white board, printer
  11. Other
    • fill out the doddle so that we can get an actual meeting time