Undergraduate BE Board:Minutes - 05/04/10 Minutes

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BE UG Board Meeting Minutes
Date/Time: 5/4/10
Place: Coffeehouse at *9:45*

  1. Welcome and Attendance
  2. Academic Events
    • Grad advising thing - went well; fair amount of attendance and the information was really helpful
    • Curriculum meeting last Thursday -
    1. Prof. Manalis wants to redo restricted electives to include more "tracks" such as those in biology for people who may not want to go to grad school such as a "management track." They also talked about changing the minor, but we don't need to worry about that.
    2. Will ask us for help in getting info when/if they have a better idea of what they need
  3. Social Events
    • T-shirts in today - need to hand out
    1. This Thursday, before/after 20.109 lecture
    2. This Friday, at 20.330 lecture
    3. Get t-shirts and change from Cathy's office, list of people who pre-ordered
    4. Kevin will email tonight to tell people to bring cash
    • Faculty dinner at end of semester - willing to subsidize, should consider making a regular event next semester
  4. BE FPOP - Sivakami
    • Counselors - Emjay said everyone who interviewed really wanted to do it, we're considering 6 out of 10, want to pick 5 of the 6
    • Sivakami and Kevin will be coordinating during the actual event
    • Kevin, Anne, and Ragheb will coordinate over the summer
    • Faculty dinner last day - Prof. Lauffenberger says we could have it at his house
    • Labwork/BE stuff during the day, fun events in Boston at night
  5. Lounge
    • Kevin asked Cathy about more trash cans, she said she'll take care of it