Undergraduate BE Board:Minutes - 04/20/10 Minutes

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BE UG Board Meeting Minutes
Date/Time: 4/20/10
Place: Coffeehouse at *9:30*

  1. Welcome and Attendance
  2. Social Events
    • Study breaks for sophomores and juniors went well
    • Senior Dinner - Maryelise and Cathy are handling
  3. BE FPOP - skip, Sivakami not here
  4. Academic Events
    • MD panel with Griffith/Isaacson - no updates, probably won't happen, but it SHOULD be on the agenda next year.
    • Grad advising event
    1. Food - pizza and drinks
    2. Scheduling problems - April 28th is day before 20.330 exam, but May 4 and 5 are bad for seniors/grad students.
    3. Tentatively do April 28th, 7-9, in spite of exam?
    4. Need to order room
    • Industrial Seminar Series - RSVP for this month's event sent out last week
  5. Associate Advising - last statement
    • Kevin - email AA's to make sure they are doing things with advisees
  6. Curriculum Meeting - April 30, 11:30-12:30 - Kevin will go
    • What would we put on a survey to the undergrads?
    1. Which restricted electives are you taking/planning to take?
    2. What are the criteria that you use for selecting BE electives? (Rank: ease of class, subject content, reviews, professor, etc.)
    3. If BE offered something similar to Biotracks in Course 7, would you take electives more seriously?
    4. What do you expect to get out of a restricted elective? (Choices: letter of recommendation, minor, an easy A, further exploration of a particular BE field, tangentially applicable knowledge to BE, etc.)
  7. BE "Stuff"
    • T-shirt orders - Kevin has put in the order, will get in by May 5.