Undergraduate BE Board:Minutes - 03/30/10 Minutes

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BE UG Board Meeting Minutes
Date/Time: 3/30/10
Place: Coffeehouse at *7:30*

  1. Welcome and Attendance
  2. Scheduling - Sivakami will get back to Kevin
  3. Social Events
    • Junior Study Break this Thursday
    1. Vermonster ice cream ($35/scoop)- store 3 scoops in BE UG Lounge freezer
    2. Also buy ice cream cones, scoopers, forks, bowls, spoons
    3. Send out advertisements!
    • Sophomore Study Break - Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake
    1. Buy 5 cheesecakes, just to be safe
    • Finals study break w/ t-shirts - tentatively May 4th
    • Senior Dinner - Maryelise will handle, Kevin will email to ask if we can come
  4. BE FPOP - Sivakami has talked to Prof. Lauffenberger
    • UAAP says that we need to turn in by Thursday:
    1. Emjay's 2-page advertisement - fill-in now
    2. Guarantee for funding - Prof. Lauffenberger says $2-3000
    3. Department commitment for 2 yrs. - yes
    4. Dates and charges - yes
    5. Four questions to ask applicants - yes
    • Centered around actual BE project - maybe a smaller 20.309 project
    • Caveat - students can't actually do stuff that requires safety training
  5. Academic Events
    • MD panel with Griffith/Isaacson - No updates, sorry. Nobody has been responding.
    • Grad advising event - narrow it down to 4 seniors, 4 grad students; don't intimidate sophomores
    • Industrial Seminar Series final update
    1. Graduate board has decided on an email RSVP system and a per person cost
    2. We pay according to the number of undergraduates that RSVP
  6. Associate Advising - last statement
    • Cathy will email sophomores names of AA's and faculty advisors and tell them to get in contact if they want to do stuff
    • Kevin will email to remind AA's to do stuff
  7. Curriculum Meeting - probably last week in April
  8. T-shirt orders - Kevin
    • Costs us $10/shirt
    • We will subsidize - $5 for students who preorder, $7 at door
    • Have students pre-order by April 9
    • Kevin will email form students will fill out, and website for more info.
    • One of the sophomores: stop by Cathy's, get sample t-shirt, show it during class and/or study break