Undergraduate BE Board:Minutes - 03/02/10 Minutes

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BE UG Board Meeting Minutes
Date/Time: 3/2/10
Place: Coffeehouse

  1. Welcome and Attendance
  2. Social Events
    • Study break on the 18th - thoughts?
    1. Average number of people - need to publicize more
    • Reminder: Tentative Study breaks on 4/1 (9pm) for the Juniors and April 14th for the sophomores.
    1. Order less food
    • Senior Study Break
    1. Next Tuesday - March 9
    2. Cosi sandwiches - around 40 people
    3. Room: 56-614
    4. 20.380 is from 10-12, so study break will be 12-1
  3. Academic Events
    • MD panel with Griffith/Isaacson
    1. Can't agree on a date before Spring Break
    2. Kevin emailed to ask about after Spring Break, but haven't gotten reply yet
    3. Food: tentatively Island Hopper
    • BE-BMES joint event - March 9th, 7:15 - Kevin will go
    • Grad advising event
    1. April 28? Email Maryelise
    2. Need around 4 grads, 4 seniors
    3. Anne has gotten emails from interested grad students - 7:00-9:00?
  4. Associate Advising
    • Some AA's have been in contact, some haven't
  5. Curriculum Meeting - main topics of discussion
    • Kevin asked Grad Board to include undergrads in Industry Seminars
    • How to get BE students into non-Merck/Novartis/Amgen companies
    • Improve marketing of BE degree, networking opportunities
    • Organize a "How to get a job in Industry?" session?
    1. Industry - Lauffenburger can invite Dr. Noubar Afeyan to speak
    2. Coordinate with Grad Board, BE-BMES to organize and brainstorm topics
    • Thinking Ahead
    1. Next curriculum meeting - BE electives
    2. Analyze what students should get out of BE electives
    3. Late April/early May
  6. BE "Stuff"
    • T-shirt orders - Kevin email Ragheb
    • Lounge - email sophomores to let them know they have access
  7. Looking ahead
    • BE Career Fair - designed for companies looking for BE students
    • BE SB accreditation - do students think we should try to get it?