Undergraduate BE Board:Minutes - 02/16/10 Minutes

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BE UG Board Meeting Minutes
Date/Time: 2/16/10 9pm
Place: Coffeehouse

  1. Welcome and Attendance
  2. Scheduling
    • Next meeting is 2 wks from now, same day and time
  3. Social Events
    • Study break on the 18th – push back another week (25th from 12:00-1:00), to have enough time to publicize
    1. Safest food is probably Bertucci’s pizza and/or bread
    2. Ragheb in charge of ordering pizza – order 10 pizzas for 25-ish people
    3. Kevin will email all classes tonight
    • Tentative dates for other study breaks
    1. Sophomores – April 14, after 20.109 Mod2 Draft due, dinner and dessert?
    2. Juniors – April 1, at night, after 2nd 20.330 quiz
    3. Seniors – talk to Maryelise
    4. Sivakami – maybe raffle off mugs, to attract more people
  4. Academic Events
    • MD thing with Griffith/Isaacson - Dr. Isaacson would be up for doing it again
    • Joint event with BE-BMES - March 9th, starting at 7:15, will contact us for help
    • Grad advising event
    1. Anne will email Bryan Owens to ask him to find interested grads and set a time
    • BE Meeting with professors
    1. Next Friday
    2. Discuss undergrads’ interests – need to come up with list of topics
    3. Survey undergrads to find topics – email to brainstorm survey questions
    4. Offer 3 prizes of $10 each to encourage responses
    5. After surveys, meet with Prof. Manalis next week to update him on topics
  5. Associate Advising
    • Budget – allow each advising group to have 2 events
    1. Dinner with AA’s, advisors, and advisees - $15 per person
    2. Maybe a second cheaper event – ice cream
    3. Tell groups that they will only be reimbursed if they’re reasonable
    • AA’s contact advisees
    1. Some have, some haven’t; Kevin will email them to tell them to reach out
  6. First Curriculum Meeting!
  7. BE Stuff
    • There are leftover Tshirts and mugs from last year.
    • Email to find out what design people want this year (same or new)
    • Place order, after it comes in, publicize to mainsream classes
    • Make t-shirts non-profit?
  8. Lounge
    • Kevin will email Cathy to get sophomores access
  9. Looking ahead - what other things should we be looking at doing?
    • BE FPOP
    1. Lab tours, speakers to explain difference between 7 and 20, etc.
    2. Find more interested people
    3. Sivakami will try to find professors interested in participating