Undergraduate BE Board:Minutes - 02/05/09 Minutes (Prof. Griffith)

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BE UG Board Meeting with Professor Griffith Minutes
5:00 pm

Attendance: Professor Linda Griffith, Maryelise, Marta, Dawn, Bernice, Emzo

  1. Underground Guide
    • UROP credit for programming not an option because no learning oportunity
    • This can be done manually rather than programming
      • Printing out status of registration to see what electives students took
        • Degree audit page?
      • OpenWetWare survey?
      • Survey Monkey survey?
    • Try having a restrictive elective roundtable event where older students can write down what they've taken, how it wokred for them, other students can ask questions
    • Put a big post-it pad in the lounge for students to write comments about restrictive electives
  2. Curriculum Reps
    • The dates will be set this week so that we can arrange ahead of time for people to attend
    • For one of the meetings, try larger curriculum meeting with a lot of students to get maximum input
  3. ASA
    • Try to focus on professional development
    • Lunches with BE Professors
    • BE-BMES can interface with the National Organization
    • Professor Griffith will have a meeting with the BE-BMES advisors
  4. Our events
    • BE Admissions resources: Prof. Grodzinsky, and Prof. Wittrup
    • be sure to get people who have been on admissions committees for at least 3-4 years
    • We should address what the pre-med advising office isn't telling students/helping them with
    • MD/PhD resources: Prof. Niles, Prof. Dedon
    • Prof. Griffith will help us find MD's for an info session
    • Also look at non-traditional career options after BE
  5. Other
    • Plan on meeting every 3 weeks with Prof. Griffith